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Estimating – from days to minutes!

by darylprice30 4. April 2016 12:47

Estimating – from days to minutes!

Windows/Doors/Modular Buildings: For the past 10 years D3 Technologies has been working with the leading industry tools used in the design-to-estimate-to-engineering process.  To that regard, they have also developed many of those industry leading tools along with providing clients the means to truly achieve their goals.  While working with companies that design many different products (HVAC, Fans/Blowers, Tanks, Conveyors, Canopies, etc.) we have done a lot to help clients caught in the gray area between manufactured products and construction.


The Current State: these industries are all old, which has many good things to boast, however, there are several things that can be a detractor when you consider leveraging technology and the change that it can bring or the resistance to it.  It is not uncommon to see large numbers of tenured team members with 20+ years at a manufacturer.  That ability to have very knowledgeable employees is a big strength not always seen in other industries that often have a very fluid workforce with very wide age ranges.


The Challenge: old and stable as they are, it is not without the need to adapt to market changes and to be able to leverage technology where it makes sense.  However, that is not always very easy to do considering the leap that may need to take place between the user and the technology.  It is also not without risk when you consider the fear that change can bring.  This is very true for these industries that often has a very tough and rugged industrial feel to them when you consider their cultures.


The Change: very early on in D3’s focus on automation technologies, we realized that there were some realizations starting to occur that were gaining momentum.  Certain scenarios were beginning to play out that were leading to a shift that very coincidentally led to a fundamental cultural change.  Companies in general were starting to leverage sophisticated solutions at a rapid rate.  Here are some of the ingredients that we witnessed:

·        A very predictable product that was same but different

·        Similar industry challenges from one company to the next

·        Similar industry use of Excel

·        Similar industry use of AutoCAD

·        Rapidly evolving technical solutions that solved parts of the problem

·        Early adopters – companies willing to invest to prove it out and remove the problem


Check back for my next post that will cover the solutions and results of the work we have done for others.


Daryl Price

Director of Sales

D3 Technologies



International Woodworking Fair Registration is now open

by 29. February 2016 09:17

The International Woodworking Fair attendee registration is now open. IWF will take place August 24-27, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta Georgia USA.

Industry professionals will have the opportunity to meet with over 900 exhibitors which will be displaying thousands of products. Go online to register for the Fair at


IWF Educational Program Discounts

by 17. July 2014 08:07

The conference is biggest year for IWF. Take advantage of great deals on discounts. Buy a one-day symposium and receive one free educational session per individual registration.


Or buy one educational session and get 50% off of the second educational session. 

IWF Opening Night Reception is August 20th at the Georgia World Congress Center

by 14. July 2014 09:53

IWF Opening Night Reception will take place August 20th at the Georgia World Congress. The reception will begin at 5pm and end at 9pm.


Enjoy some Southern Rock Style Music, drinks and some food while you relax and network with fellow industry professionals. The Reception is open for exhibitors and attendees.


Price to attend is $85 per person. Or you can purchase a table of 10 for $750.00

IWF Network Group Membership

by 10. September 2013 09:34

IWF has created a new network group. Please sign up if you are supplier/exhibitor so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to upload video, product news, blog and join the forum.


If you are user/attendee. Make sure you sign-up to join the newsletter, get special discounts on registration, post jobs, blog, join the forum etc.

The membership is at the top of the home page. Where it says Are you already a member.


Welcome to the IWF Atlanta blog

by Admin 23. May 2013 23:00

IWF is where people connect online and face-to-face. 


As we launch our new blog we look forward to all of you joining us in a conversation. Sharing ideas, product innovations and answers to industry challenges.


IWF is already again the largest show in the Americas with over 14 months until the next IWF. 

We look forward to you joining us online and meeting with you face-to-face at IWF 2014.



Good luck and happy writing.

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