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By Turning SUVs Into Campers, I Launched Solid Wood Worx Business

6. October 2019 22:42

By: Brian Daigneault, Solid Wood Worx, Huntington Beach, CA 

I grew up in a cabinet shop and was a born to be woodworker. In the past few years when work slowed in the custom cabinet industry, I converted a few friends' Vans and SUV's so they had more storage for adventuring, work, or just the weekend beach getaway. 

Before I knew it I had my own business making people's ideas come to life. I design and build all kinds of custom woodwork and vehicles here at my shop. 

This was a really fun build that the customer brought to me. His idea for the build was different than most I've done, incorporating a floating shelf, but ended up working really well! The slide out table gives a massive amount of extra table space for cooking, camping, fixing something, etc. The flip up pieces behind the two front seats was a great idea that i had to think about a bit to execute to make it simple for anybody to use.


Contact me at solidwoodworx@gmail.com for more information.