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Wood Composites Symposium: Focus on Bio-based adhesives for wood composites and Timber for Tall Buildings

25. July 2016 11:43


Washington State University's Composite Materials and Engineering Center Offers:

An all-day education symposium on advances in resins and coating technology for wood composites and utilization of wood composites for mass timber construction at the International Woodworking Fair, 8-4:30pm, Tuesday, August 23, 2016, Atlanta, Georgia

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Session 1: Resins & Coatings 

Overview of Environmental Regulations Facing the Industry, Jackson Morrill, Composite Panel Association

Mycoboard - Wood Composite Panel with Novel No-Formaldehyde Binder, Jeff Betts, Ecovative

The Physicochemical Nature of Protein-Hybrid Adhesives, Joseph J. Marcinko, Evertree, SAS and Polymer Synergies, LLC

Advancements in Sustainable Binder Technology for Composite Wood Panel Applications, James Wright, EcoSynthetix

A Life in the Timber Industry, Stewardship is the Key, Scott McIntyre, Performance Adhesives, Hexion, Inc.

What Today's Outsourcing Shop Does Right, Mike Lee, Cabinotch Cabinet Box Systems

Lunch Provided

Session 2: Mass Timber Construction

What is CLT & Mass Timber Construction?, Vik Yadama, Washington State University

CLT vs. NLT in the first US Mass Timber Building, L. Leif Johnson, Magnusson Klemencic Associates & Amado Guevara III, DLR Group

Performance of SYP CLT, Henry Quesada, Virginia Tech

CLT Manufacturing in Oregon, John Redfield, D.R.Johnson Wood Innovations

Bringing CLT production to scale, Aaron Edewards, Evergreen Engineering


What's New with Adhesives for Wood Composites and What is a CLT?

31. May 2016 16:05

One-day Wood Composites Symposium, held in collaboration with International Wood Fair (IWF), on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 will focus on advances in adhesive technology for wood composites and utilization of wood composites for mass timber construction. The program will include topics on new bio-based resins and modifications of synthetic resins and coatings for composite panels and structural members, and opportunities, performance, and codes and standards for mass timber structures constructed with cross laminated timber (CLT).

Speakers from leading industries producing adhesives for composites will present new advances in no-formaldehyde and bio-based adhesives. Presenters in the session on advances in adhesives technology include Ecovative, a leading biomaterials company with new sustainable, healthy product line for home and office interiors; Hexion, global leader in thermoset resins; Ecosynthetix, a renewable chemicals company specializing in bio-based resins for a wide range of end products; and, Polymer Synergies, LLC, specializing in adhesion science and adhesive product development.

The symposium will begin with a presentation by Jackson Morrill, President of Composite Panel Association (CPA). Founded in 1960, CPA represents the North American composite panel industry on technical, regulatory, quality assurance, and product acceptance issues. Members of CPA include leading manufacturers of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hardboard. CPA is committed to product advancement and industry competitiveness. Mr. Morrill will present an overview of environmental regulations facing the industry.

The second session of the symposium will focus on use of lumber for production of high performance composites specifically for timber structures beyond light-frame construction, such as tall wooden structures up to 30 stories high. This innovative building construction technology offers new opportunities for use of lumber products produced by sawmills. Speakers in this session include a leading architect from Magnusson Klemencic Associates and has worked on mass timber building project; researcher from Virginia Tech evaluating performance of cross laminated timber fabricated using southern yellow pine; and, Evergreen Engineering provider of complete engineering services for establishing composite panel production facilities.

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