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Colour Road Trend

4. May 2016 12:13

Colour Road trend – ‘Wind Poems’

By: Verena Becker, Corporate Design Management: RENOLIT SE

The environment we live in is in constant flux. Wherever you look – economic structures, social frameworks or the balance of political power – change is happening.
Needless to say this sea of dynamics influences trends, so it is no coincidence that the color and home trends for 2016/17 are influenced by a natural phenomenon that is in continuous movement, THE WIND.

During our sesssion "Discover the Moving Power of Colors", there will be a trend presentation "Colour Road 2016/17", in which we will discover different phenomena of wind - in words, in images, and of course in colors.

Ostensibly, the theme is all about the wind. However, at a metaphorical level, it touches on the profound changes happening around the world.

I would like to invite you traveling the Colour Road from fashion runways to their implications on interior colors and design trends.


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