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15. June 2016 12:32


As we get closer to the IWF I know the anticipation is mounting in the Lean community!  It would appear that FINALLY we woodworkers are starting to emerge from our caves and see the light.  We are tired of status quo and are searching for a better way. 


If you’re ready for a change, you want to see more employee engagement and finally turn the table on that struggling bottom line.  Get to Atlanta!  Get to the Lean seminar and stop making excuses.  If you think I’m just crazy (which may be true, lean maniacs sometimes are) then check out what people are saying about their Lean transformation


“I took the 6 week average production in dollars through the week you were here ad compared it to the average production since and it is 35-40% more.  Pretty good change overall for a one week blitz”

Bruce Humphrey – Caseworx


“We have eliminated 1 million dollars in overtime in less than one year.  If you think you can do it yourself, you can.  But it may take years and years to get the same results we have seen in months”

Dustin Giffin – Giffin Interiors


In my opinion my shop was operating at optimum efficiency until we discovered “Lean”.  We are now operating more efficiently, consistently and out producing what we thought possible”

Elvin Martin – Mullet Door



Need I say morejQuery15204068798553455194_1466019138607  Get to the Lean seminar and start to transform your life and the life’s around you!


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