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Growing into Automation

5. April 2018 15:33

By John Park - SCM Group USA

You know you should become more automated, but you’re not sure how to do it. The first step should be to build in manual processes that will be automated over time as the organization learns to deal with automation.

Automation and robotics are changing our industry. All companies, regardless of size, are constantly faced with the need to increase efficiencies while closely managing expenses. It’s no secret that if you continually improve processes, then you can create better products and ultimately move your business forward.

“My CNC is my best employee” 

Although at first this statement may seem to be in jest, yet in reality it’s the absolute truth. Machines are efficient and they show up every day to get the job done.

So can automation fill the skills gap? It’s certainly a reasonable option. Automation can also help to improve innovation, create better jobs for existing employees, and meet market demands in the woodworking industry – even for small shops.

Many of the production jobs in cabinet shops can be monotonous or temporary due to the seasonality of customer demand. Because of this, it is a struggle with employee turnover and finding workers who are willing to simply pick up and put down parts all day long. Instead, with automation, you can focus on recruiting workers for advanced skills, such as cognitive jobs that leverage technology on the shop floor and offer career advancement opportunities.

Whether you embrace the idea or stand adamantly against it, there's no denying the widespread integration of robots is already happening. Although for now, robots are stuck with the monotonous, mundane jobs skilled human workers would rather not do.

Embracing the movement and working in tandem with technology is necessary to uncover the true potential of next-gen robotics and to determine the exact role humans will play in automated manufacturing.

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