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26. April 2018 11:46

By: Bill Boxer, Modern Finishing Products, Inc.

Every industry has its innovation and growth. Spray finishing technology is no exception.

Flashback to 1984 and the new buzz word in finishing circles was HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) as this alternative spray finishing technology began to take hold and new-found importance.

As we began to look more seriously at environmental concerns we had a technology that promised less overspray and higher transfer efficiency. Early certified testing showed efficiency over 80% which meant 80%+ paint staying on a substrate as opposed to lower percentages with traditional spray painting methods. This interpreted to less pollutants (VOC’s) in the environment along with dramatic paint savings in the finishing environment.

Two developments in HVLP technology emerged. One, turbine or turbospray technology, the origin of HVLP dating back to the early 1960’s (under the name turbo spray) and then modified conventional spray gun technology to enable conventional spray guns to meet the HVLP standard of 10psi or less maximum atomizing pressure.

HVLP Turbine or turbospray technology opened many new spray finishing opportunities since it is portable, uses standard electricity and as already noted dramatically reduces overspray. Paint spraying in environments that were previously impossible now became reality. Additional benefits of HVLP Turbospray technology were a continuous source of clean, dry air with no water or oil contamination.

Compressed air HVLP spray guns provided options for spray finishers and shops that had adequate compressors and did not have the need for portability.

Early HVLP found great benefits in the woodworking environment from small home shops to professional cabinet shops and even some larger factory applications where off-line projects could be easily sprayed. Other industries quickly discovered the features and benefits of using HVLP spray finishing technology.

Today, HVLP has established itself as an important technology as part of the greater spray finishing market from woodworking to fine automotive spray finishing.

 To learn more about this topic, check out Bill's session "HLVP Turbospray Technology, Past-Present-Future" at the IWF 2018 Education Conference.


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