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Sustainable Innovation is Built on Trust

27. April 2018 11:28

By: Monique MacKinnon, Energetic Evolution

Everything is energy. And since hugging a tree can benefit our mental and physical well-being, do different woods elicit different moods? The simple answer is yes.

Woodworkers and furniture manufacturers can also influence customers’ states: through their craft and level of consciousness. Consider this: How do you respond to people who trust you? Are you more likely to trust or distrust them? On the consciousness scale, trust is in the neutral position.

Therefore, if you trust yourself, does trusting others come more easily to you than for someone with trust issues? Do you prefer doing business with and being someone with a toned trust muscle, developed through years of discernment? If your company or business is known for being trustworthy and reliable, how does this affect your and your sphere of influence’s prosperity and quality of life?

We will deep dive beyond tree hugging into where you most trust yourself to be successfully and sustainably innovative in the woodworking industry.

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