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It is not the team with the most talent that succeeds….it is the most talented team”

1. May 2018 15:32

By: Gary Vitale, GFV Business Advisory

We all strive to hire the best individuals for positions in our company; and we evaluate these individuals on an annual basis.  But how often do we evaluate them as a team?  How often do we really sit back and look at the talent gaps that are keeping us from reaching maximum performance as a company?   We can learn a lot from professional sports teams that evaluate talent gaps all the time.

Sports teams recognize that to succeed they need players that complement each other’s strengths.  Done correctly, this is powerful and gives the team a slight edge that can mean the difference between a win or a loss, or getting into post season tournaments verses watching from home.

Unfortunately for businesses, we do not have the luxury of observing or “scouting” candidates in game situations like professional sports teams.  We must rely on other tools; interviews, references, and professional assessments.  And just like a sports team, when these tools are used correctly, it gives you a powerful edge over the competition.

The best way to give yourself that slight edge over the competition is to know your strengths and the strengths of your team.  The first step is to learn all you can about yourself and your team using interviews and professional assessments.  You’ll be surprised to see how much easier it is to manage through crisis and challenges when you understand your strengths and those of your team members and can match them to address specific situations.


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