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Hardwood Edging - Part 1

9. May 2018 10:29

By Michael Fortune (Excerpt from Hardwood Edging and Inlay for Curved Tables by Scott Grove)

I’ve known and worked with Scott Grove for many years; he is a talented craftsman and teacher.

His ability to see, break down and describe complex operations into understandable steps is remarkable, and his students come away with new skills that allow them to create higher levels of work—impeccable craftsmanship, learned at a fast pace.

With this curved joinery and inlay demonstration, Scott has transformed the sometimes difficult task of adding a curved hardwood edge into easy to follow steps. He describes many nuances and alternate methods in detail along the way, as well as adding homemade jigs and low budget solutions for many of the processes. The crushed Mother of pearl from Easy Inlay he uses can replicate a wide variety of gem stones and solve many inlay problems.

The illustrated summary handout is a great map and reference guide. He uses many visual aids from photographs, drawings and 3D renderings, to depict each step clearly.

This class is a must for professionals and hobbyist woodworkers alike; he reveals many secrets and clears up all the grey areas for how to apply a hardwood edge and inlay to any type of curved table edge.

Join Scott to learn more at the IWF 2018 Education Conference: "Curved Joinery, Edges and Inlays" on Friday, August 24th from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


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