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11. May 2018 12:03

By: Bill Boxer, Modern Finishing Products, Inc.

Previously I positioned HVLP technology in today's marketplace. In this article I would like to explain more about the turbine/turbospray technology.

There are two pieces of knowledge necessary to understand the range and variables of HVLP turbine/turbospray technology. The technology itself and an understanding of the coatings and finishes one intends to access.

The basic system has three components. The air supply, the air hose and the spray gun. Each plays an important role in performance success. The air supply is electric driven. It incorporates an impeller/blower type motor that produces a high volume of air (CFM) similar to the output of a common vacuum. These motors come in a range of sizes or as I like to call them power levels. The more powerful the motor the higher the available atomizing pressure. Pressure relates to the ability to atomize or break up a fluid (coating) into small even particles which in turn gives you a fine finish with a smooth surface. Higher pressure gives you access to the widest range of coatings and viscosities.

Unlike an air compressor where you can regulate the pressure up and down, most HVLP turbine/turbospray systems are one fixed pressure. Today there are a few exceptions where you can regulate or adjust the pressure or even visibly see the pressure on an LCD screen for fine adjustment if desired.

The air hose should be rugged, crush proof and have a smooth interior lining to achieve maximum efficiency. Hose length is important to allow for flexibility and movement around a substrate. The average air hose length for an HVLP turbine/turbospray system is generally between 20' - 30'. (6.1m - 9.1m).

The third component of an HVLP turbine/turbospray system is the spray gun. This is probably the most critical part of the system. It requires design precision, versatility, a range of nozzles, needles and air caps while being light weight and balanced. The finer one’s desired results increases the importance of the spray gun.

Before moving ahead let me interject one additional component which I personally feel is extremely important in understanding what is available in the marketplace. Given the versatility of HVLP turbine/turbospray technology, the consumer range is wide. You can find equipment available for the occasional craftsman right through professional applications. It is critical that one looks at equipment based on need, desired results and most important the coatings one intends to use with HVLP turbine/turbospray equipment.

Let us talk about coatings, finishes, paints and viscosity. This is an ever-changing variable in the world of finishing. We have solvent based coatings, waterborne and waterbased coatings. Paint manufacturers are constantly formulating their products to offer the consumer the best results while complying with VOC codes. Using the best available products are critical to achieving desired results with HVLP turbine/turbospray products. This means fine ground resins and pigments and variables to adjust viscosity, dry times and enhanced flow out of the product.

Knowing product performance features, recommended viscosity and pairing it with the right HVLP turbine/turbospray system will ensure the perfect finish every time.

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