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Think On Your Feet?

14. May 2018 09:53

By: Monique MacKinnon, Energetic Evolution

Thinking clearly, quickly and decisively in response to important matters is a valuable skill and strategy. Woodworkers who have the ability to think on their feet are self-confident with their craft, including related decisions.

When you the woodworking professional experience technical complications – such as significant-enough errors in judgment or your craft – how do you: Mediate this situation? Compensate for this resource-wise, if and when required? Who takes responsibility and the potential ‘hit’, as well as decides the next step?

Measuring Twice and Cutting Once doesn’t guarantee that woodworking will ever be black and white.

In How to be Visionary, Create BOLD Results in Uncertainty (BMG13), you will learn how to Up-level your Thinking On Your Feet and visionary skills plus qualitative and quantitative results. Guaranteed, you will walk away with the Eagle Soaring Tool.

Bonus: Come prepared with your practical questions, even ethical ones, and you will benefit that much more!


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