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Cold Metal Casting and Reproduction for Furniture Embellishment - Part 2

21. May 2018 13:19

By: Scott Grove, Furniture Designer: ScottGrove.com

Cold metal resin casting is a straightforward process: A flexible mold is taken from an initial form or “master pattern” in just about any shape and/or material and then cast with a metal filled resin.

In brief, the process goes like is this: mount your master pattern object into a container like a yogurt cup, then mix the mold compound and pour it into the container, wait for it to cure (the time varies depending on which compound you use), remove the mold from the cup and partially cut open the mold just enough to remove the original object.

Then, you mix the casting resin with real bronze powder and pour it into the mold. Wait until it cures (5 -15 minutes) and remove it from the mold. Buff with steel wool to shine it up, rub in a little black shoe polish to give it some depth and voila! You’ve created a cold metal resin casting.

Using Smooth-on™ products makes this process easy and affordable and you can create one of a kind or multiple metal composite casting.

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