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Are you looking to maximize profits without jeopardizing your current standards?

29. May 2018 16:07

By: Diane Shattuck, Gemini Coatings

Have you wanted to get the jobs done faster without having to give up quality or durability?

Are you currently having problems or bottleneck in your finishing department?

We understand this is a real problem in real time, happening to real people. Today’s world is changing so fast that it is sometimes too hard to keep up. The days of saying “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” are gone, because the truth of the matter is if you don’t change how you do things to the more modern ways you just may be “broke” and end up spending additional precious time and profits fixing what “used” to work.

Technology has taken us to new levels of finishes and finishing practices. Giving us more durable, faster drying, higher solids, clearer finishes that can reach our end goal faster, all while also being more cost effective, better than our previous systems and best of all putting profits in our pockets. Join us in our seminar “How to Reduce Problems and Maximize Profits using 2K polyurethanes and waterborne finishes”. We will help you explore the differences, advantages and know what to watch out for when transitioning into a newer method of technology.

Learn more about this topic at the "How to Reduct Problems and Maximize Profits Using Two-Component Polyurethane and Waterborne Finishes" session at the IWF 2018 Education Conference.


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