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Cold Metal Casting and Reproduction for Furniture Embellishment - Part 3

5. June 2018 14:42

By: Scott Grove, Furniture Designer: ScottGrove.com

Creating your own metal composite castings makes a unique accent to any woodworking project.

The casting can be made from just about any thing and it starts with a master pattern.
The Master Pattern is the original object or model that a mold is taken from. This is what your casting will look like exactly; every little detail is captured. Patterns are typically made from wood, wax, or clay. You can also use household objects like nuts and bolts, buttons, or existing hardware, too. Or if you choose, you can use Mother Nature’s gifts such as acorns, leaves, rocks, or bark, to name a few.
Even body parts can be used as patterns, like a child’s hand or your nose. In addition, any of these items can be combined and grouped together to make a hybrid: for example, you can use a pine cone attached to a hand carved wooden element.
The Smooth-On’s mold material picks up very fine detail; every pore or wrinkle, and even the finest grain in wood is reproduced.
Lastly, the master doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture; it has only to be strong enough for a mold for be taken from it. You can use super glue, hot melt glue, gum, clay, spit, or whatever works for a temporary assemblage. Keep your mind open for this phase of creating your master pattern—it will enhance your design options. Only your imagination limits the possibilities.
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