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Hardwood Edging - Part 2

5. June 2018 10:32

By: Scott Grove, Furniture Designer

Applying a hardwood edge to an organic or complex curved table can be a challenge. When the curve is a French serpentine curve, it can be a test in patience and craftsmanship to precisely match up the hardwood to the curved table edge.

In this demonstration, I will show you how to apply a hardwood edge to a curved table top edge by using a set of large, offset template guides that are installed on a router base. When used properly, they will accurately match a hardwood edge to any curve. The same template system from Imaginewoodworking.com also lets you cut seam inlays quickly and cut perfect parallel outside edges that match an inner seam.

I initially developed this system for an oval demilune table which had a graceful French curve. A French curve is not a simple one-dimensional radius; the radius slowly transitions, so I couldn’t use a simple single axis, one length, radius swing arm on my router to cut the curve. Hence, I came up with this system, which allows me to mate the French curve with a hardwood edge perfectly.

Since then I have used it for various complex curves, large and small, graceful and squiggly. I demonstrate the system on a small asymmetrical heart-shaped table which illustrates most variations that the system can perform. I also use a few students’ projects for various odd details and quirky alternatives.

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