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The most demanding job

7. June 2018 10:49

Admittedly finishing can certainly be the most demanding job in any shop. Knowing the right finish to use, along with the fact that the applications and techniques change with each job. In the same way the selection of the substrate changes in the spec or is requested from your customer.

Because of this, it’s no secret that finishers don’t stay in one place very long, or stay finishers very long either. How, then are you to get a finisher who meets your quality standards? One route to finding finishers is to use your current employees as recruiters. However, first you must ensure that your employees are happy, and the key to satisfied employees is a fun work environment.  As you consider your company culture, a book recommended on this topic is The Game of Work by Charles Coonradt, which is about changing the culture to motivate employees. Once can confirm that you have a healthy, positive work environment, then you should be able to not only find a quality finisher but also retain that key employee.

 “Transitioning to in-house finishing – profitably” will share more advice about bringing finishing in-house and the things to take into account before you do so. This transition can seem overwhelming but this seminar will take you through the steps you will need to consider to be successful.


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