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How to Join the Urban Wood Network

22. June 2018 11:36

Are you looking for ways to start or expand a business selling urban wood products? Would you like to tap into an existing urban wood network or start one?

Then become a member of the Urban Wood Network and tap into the expertise of groups established in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin.

Urban Wood Network partners have been dedicated to building urban wood businesses since the early 2000s and united to promote and demonstrate urban wood utilization. Our mission is to inform, collaborate, and connect to build business and consumer confidence in the urban wood industry. Firstly, joining the urban wood movement means becoming a valuable link in the urban wood supply chain. And secondly, it means connecting with other efforts around the country. The more we position the industry as a cohesive group, the greater awareness we can bring to urban wood utilization and the better access we can provide to those who want to grow with it.

The Urban Wood Network is committed to work in partnership with the full diversity of industry stakeholders to build a common understanding, language, commitment, and eventually, brand for the urban wood marketplace.

If you currently belong to another organization whose primary goal is promoting urban wood utilization, we are interested in that organization partnering with us and becoming an UWN member. You would then be a part of UWN through that organization. If there isn’t such an organization in your state, then we welcome you as an UWN member and will assist you in building an organization in your state.

What does membership involve? To become a member simply sign and return the agreement located on the Urban Wood Network’s website. With the valued input of its members, the Urban Wood Network will continue to work on developing our network, organizational structure, dues structure, sponsorships, and member benefits. Learn more at www.urbanwoodnetwork.com.

If you are attending IWF 2018, be sure to attend the free seminar, “The Urban Wood Revolution is NOW! Come Join the Movement,” 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, August 24 at the Georgia World Congress Center.  Click here to register and learn more.




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