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What You Need to Know About Wilsonart® Compact and SOLICOR™ Compact Laminate

24. July 2018 12:09

With Wilsonart’s Compact and SOLICOR Compact products, multiple projects doesn’t necessarily mean multiple materials! Whether it’s commercial or residential countertops, office and reception desks, wall panels and cladding, work surfaces, lockers or shelving, Wilsonart’s Compact and SOLICOR Compact has your back.

This material was built to handle just about anything! Life is messy and hard, but our Compact’s scratch-resistant quality makes it life-friendly. Installers love how easy it is to work with, making it the perfect alternative to porcelain options. The durability of Compact eliminates the need to worry about possible cracks, abrasions and moisture damage. This long-lasting product gives specifiers the confidence to install in high traffic, high wear, high use and high abuse areas - exactly where it is meant to be!

Better yet, SOLICOR Compact offers a selection of solid color cores that lets you design visually crisp and stunning spaces. Instead of a traditional black core, this color through products makes it possible to achieve a sleek, cohesive design, while maintaining the dependable durability of a Compact surface.

Visit Wilsonart in Booth C-1958 to view the new “Thinscape Performance Tops” for the Residential industry.

To dive deeper into the durability of Wilsonart® Compact and SOLICOR™ Compact, join us on Tuesday, August 21st at the “Techniques and Time-Savers for Engineered Surfacing Products” symposium.


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