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The Impact of Leadership on Team Building

25. July 2018 14:58

By: Gary Vitale: GFV Business Advisory

Though there are countless athletic coaches we can point to when looking at how leaders form teams, one of the earliest advocates of teamwork in business was Henry Ford.  Prior to the Ford Motor Company implementing the assembly line, automobiles were built by highly skilled craftsmen in isolation from start to finish.  Needless to say, output was very slow.  Ford realized that by individuals working on an individual task and then passing their product on to the next individual to build upon, and repeating the process over and over, the overall process could be improved dramatically.  Through working as a team, Ford was able to reduce the time it took to build a car from weeks to just six hours.

Teamwork is critical if you want to efficiently achieve a vision.  But putting the team together is only the beginning.  As Henry Ford used to say, “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”  Ford demonstrated the principle Together Everyone Achieves More.

The success of a team is dependent upon every person within that team achieving what’s required of them.  To do that the leader needs to ensure that they come together, stay together, and work together.  When teams gel cohesively, great things happen.  The whole team needs to put in effort to achieve a vision.  Good leaders take this task very seriously and follow a few simple rules.

  1. They make sure team members get to know each other personally and professionally
  2. They combat silo mentality
  3. They work with the team to agree on the rules governing the team
    1. 100% of the team must commit to the rules
    2. The leader must retain the right to veto a team rule
  4. They make sure everyone is pulling their weight

The leadership role is critical to the team working together.  Putting the team together, assigning the task or project, defining the rules and then walking away and hoping for success is a recipe for failure.




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