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Take it Outside!

30. July 2018 08:43

By: Ralph Bagnall, Woodworking Consultant, Author and TV Host: Consulting Woodworker.com

You want to shoot quality, compelling video to help market your products or business, but let’s face it, your shop is not a studio. It can be tough in a working facility to stage shots that frame the subject well and provide proper lighting. Taking it outside can be an option!

Nothing is better for shooting video than natural light, it is what all the expensive lights and filters are trying to replicate. And cloudy days are actually better than strong sunlight because the light is diffused and shadows are greatly reduced. The outdoors can often provide a pleasant background too. Flowers or trees in bloom, hedges and even just a lawn can help frame your subject and make your video shine. Note the complete lack of shadows in this photo. Keeping the dripping water from the steam box out of the shop is just a bonus added to a great photo that required no electric lights at all.

I have a small shop and have dedicated it to filming as much as woodworking. But there have been many times when my “studio” set up simply does not have the room needed to shoot a large piece. Take it outside and suddenly your studio is literally as big as all outdoors. Chances are pretty good that your production facility does not easily lend itself to stunning video shoots. A walk outdoors and a bit of imagination may make all the difference.

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