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Designing for the build

2. August 2018 09:42

Now you’ve got that modern job, how do you ensure that the design considers all aspects of the project and also is able to be built as specified?
First of all your need to consider the materials required for the job.  It’s more than the cabinets; it includes the decorative hardware, countertop, sink and faucet, etc. Every aspect of the project needs to be determined at this time.  Knowing the requirements up front saves you time and frustration later on.
Then there’s the lighting aspect, which is a huge topic in and of itself.  The most important recommendation, though, is that you use a qualified electrician for many reasons, liability being one of them. Also, consider the color choices and how they may look in different types of lighting.  Some browns actually look red or pink under certain lighting.
As you design the layout of the kitchen, you also need to factor in the integration of appliances. This doesn’t refer to allowing for appropriate space for each appliance. Instead it is a total integration into the build.
Finally, there also needs to be considerable time spent considering all of the other aesthetics, to put it simply. Again, it’s important to recognize all of the project requirements and specifications before you begin the build, as they may impact the construction.
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