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Determining the best spray system

4. August 2018 11:16

By: Diane Shattuck, Gemini Industries
With all the different spray systems available today, how do you determine which one best fits “YOUR” needs as a small shop?

Questions to ask

  • How much finishing do you do on average?
  • What type of parts will you be finishing?
  • Where will you be finishing (shop/field)?
  • What types of coatings will you be spraying?
  • What other equipment will you need to support your spray system?

Three essential components

Choosing a spray systems basically breaks down to three essential components: spray gun, cup or pot, and a power system. A

Spray gun

A tool that uses compressed air to atomize finishes and apply to a surface. The finish and air enter the gun through two separate passages and then mix together at the air cap (atomize) before landing on the targeted object.

Cup or pot

A container that holds the finish, ranging in sizes from as little as 4 oz. (used on touch up guns) to 10 gallons pressure pots. They can be connected to the gun directly or by a fluid hose from the container to the gun.

Power system

  • Turbine systems: self-contained system, portable and generates high volume of slow moving air only when in operation. Controlled and consistent air pressure determined by how many stages (fan blades & size) very limited in variances of pressures.
  • Compressed air: used as a source of power for many tools in your shop, has the ability to store energy on tap, available in all sizes, can produce high and low air pressures.

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