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Think Light - Benefits and Opportunities of Lightweight Materials

4. August 2018 11:21

Weight restrictions on products exist for a variety of reasons, such as for health reasons to allow customers lifting the product, or for safety reasons when a table top cannot be too heavy, or due to construction restrictions when a remodeling project in an existing building cannot add weight to the structure.  Lightweight materials also help reduce transportation costs as more products can be packed into the back of a truck without exceeding weight limits.  Indeed, today's lightweight materials offer good value as an environmentally friendly, strong, and versatile material that provides ergonomic benefits and offers a competitive advantage.

Experts from industry provide insights on lightweight materials, how they are made, how to work with them, what they can be used for, and what is particularly challenging.  M. Zimmerman from Sauder Woodworking Co. will talk about what the company is doing with lightweight materials, why they use lightweight materials, and how they see the material to evolve in their line of products.  Steven and Robert Boerrigter from Axxor North America, LLC, a producer of cores for lightweight panels will provide insights into the diverse uses of lightweight panels and how the core can be adapted to fit the required properties of a panel.  Jim Trainor from Jowat Corp. will explain adhesives used for lightweight materials while Mark Joel from Bürkle North America, Inc. will talk about equipment solutions for processing lightweight materials.  Connecting and fastening lightweight materials require special care and, often, special hardware.  Marcel Strobel, formerly with Adolf Wuerth GmbH & Co. KG and now with MKT Fastening will talk about connecting lightweight materials and show solutions for this challenge.  The session will conclude with Key Take Aways and a Q & A session.

Workshop attendees of the "Think Light - Benefit and Opportunities of Lightweight Materials" session will learn about lightweight panel materials, the different types of lightweight panels, how they can be processed, what can be made with them, and the benefits and challenges that exist with lightweight technology.


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