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Lean Manufacturing is More Than Just Tools - Top Management’s Role in a Lean Manufacturing Transformation

8. August 2018 07:39

“The best approach is to dig out and eliminate problems where they are assumed not to exist.”  Shigeo Shingo

This quote struck a chord with one of my recently. Early in our work I had asked that they measure performance of two automated processes within the value stream which was the main focus of our work. The client believed this was unnecessary since the process is automated, manual time is less than the automatic cycle time (internal to cycle) and the equipment is reliable. They were surprised to find the average output was less than 60% to target!

It wasn’t until I shared the quote many months later than he explained that he felt there was no need to look for waste in this process and now understands the need to look for waste in all processes. He explained to his team that they cannot assume that automation alone will meet their needs. There is a strong need to measure performance to target and to problem solve in order to meet the targets.

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