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How to Build an Infinity Cube Table With 18 Continuous Joints

23. January 2020 10:57

Jonathan Katz -Moses shows an intriguing woodworking project: an Infinity Cube Side Table. It consists of 18 continuous joints in a row. "Tons of Joinery!," says Katz-Moses. 

"I found a really cool way to cut the bridal joints without having to reset my equipment. This was an engineering problem project to the max, but I think we found some really cool ways to get past some roadblocks.   

"The finished project came out really cool," Katz-Moses says. Yes, it did.  

"When I pitched this to my friends, they said it was impossible," Katz-Moses says. "I've seen this done out of metal. I don't think it has ever been done out of wood before."

Katz-Moses describes himself as a woodworker, inventor, and "father to a beautiful girl and a dog." He also made a nice tour of IWF in Atlanta, in a video that tells a lot about the kind of excitement woodworkers will find at IWF 2020. 

"Woodworking is my passion and there is nothing I won't try to build, fix, or improve on my own. I got into woodworking and the passion has completely consumed me," he says, and that excitement shows in his travel to Atlanta and tour of the show. 

"Becoming a great woodworker and do it yourself-er is about finding the right information and creative solutions with the materials and skill sets available to you. I eagerly look forward to showing you how I accomplish my projects."  



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