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IWF Education: Job Costing: A Systematic Approach

13. April 2020 17:54

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By: Ken Kumph, Premier Builders

“Job Costing” isn’t just a task that you do when the project is complete. It requires setting up procedures and processes from the time you create the estimate through the time you run your P&L reports. Tracking the costs in a systematic manner is essential to an accurate accounting of what your jobs cost.

The true benefit of tracking your job costs is the actions you take after your run the reports and get your results. At that point, you need to make the necessary changes to your numbers, processes, and procedures to intentionally not make the same mistakes on the next job and ultimately make more money going forward.

To learn how to systematically approach job costing, register to attend the "Job Costing: A Systematic Approach to Comparing Estimated to Actual Costs" session during IWF 2020.


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