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IWF Education: Let the Sun Shine In

28. May 2020 10:54

By: Ralph Bagnall, Woodworking Consultant, Author and TV Host: Consulting Woodworker.com

The biggest challenge we face when shooting video for business is lighting. Lighting is so important that professional photo studios often spend more on lighting than cameras. Fortunately for us “part time” videographers, the best source of lighting is free; Natural sunlight.

Shooting in sunlight can supply most of the light needed, does not require filters or editing to “adjust” the color, and can be as simple to use as opening some doors. Shooting outdoors in direct sunlight can be useful, but often creates hard shadows that are difficult to eliminate. But throwing open an overhead door can give your indoor shots a big lighting boost.

                         Overhead Lighting Only                       Overhead Lighting with Door Open

The corner of my shop that is set up for shooting my videos is about 30 feet away from the overhead door, but there is a marked difference in the quality of the lighting between having the door open and having the door closed. Even though the sunlight is not shining directly on the shot, it is reflecting all through the room, not only lighting the scene directly, but also providing a lot of the fill lighting needed for eliminating shadows.

You will need to think about positioning these sorts of shots, strong sunlight in the background will simply overwhelm the camera and your subject will be dark. Keep the open door behind or to the side of the camera, and you should be off to a good start. You may still need to add some fill lighting, but the natural lighting will get you off to a very good start.

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