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IWF Education: Advantages of Digital Printing

3. June 2020 10:29

By: Mark Joel, Hymmen North America

The number of applications in use at the real market shows that many companies have not yet realized the options of digital printing for their business.

These are not only based on the industrial production capacities which are enabled by the digital printing by Hymmen. The production of smaller batch sizes on industrial level can be realized and set-up times are minimized  and storage costs are reduced. There is no overproduction necessary, logistics costs are reduced, there is less material loss and the internal passage time is reduced. Finally, the digital processing of decors opens a wide field of new design options (register lengths, colors, depths of detail ...). Embedded in the existing process chains of the decor industry and a short time to market the digital printing makes a quick reaction on market trends and customer demands possible.

In the session, "Industrial Digital Printing – The Future of Decentralized Production of Decorative Surfaces" to be presented at IWF 2020 Education Conference, Mark Joel will explain why you should move from buying to producing decorative surfaces yourself. The Industrial Digital Printing is the future of the decentralized production of decorative surfaces.


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