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IWF Education: “Houston, we have a problem” – Important Lesson on Remote Support

4. June 2020 08:57

By: Travis Haynam, Vice President of Segments within the Extraction and Filtration Technology division: Nederman Corporation 

In April of 1970, the Apollo 13 mission suffered a critical system failure while performing a routine maintenance procedure. This was two days into their mission and 200,000 miles from Earth leaving the three astronauts in a perilous situation. Back on Earth, NASA engineers on Earth scrambled to support them using the crew’s local data and a replica lunar module located in Houston. Their remote collaboration allowed them to identify a solution and return the crew safely to the Earth.

50 years later in the midst of a global pandemic, many factories find themselves in a similar situation where there is potential for a critical system or piece of equipment to malfunction and there would not be an opportunity for qualified service technicians to come on-site and assist with trouble-shooting or perform repairs. Fortunately, today’s technology with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has made the ability for remote monitoring and support accessible.

Equipping our machinery and processes with sensors with support from application and product experts not only enables troubleshooting after an event happens, but rather can alert factories before it happens and avoid the critical failure altogether. While NASA used a physical replica, IIoT creates a digital replica that factories and manufacturers can use to collaborate and quickly arrive at solutions to keep production efficient and safe.

So how are you planning to use IIoT to prepare your factory for an increased need to work effectively remotely? Nederman Insight is an IIoT platform designed specifically for monitoring critical performance and operational parameters associated with industrial filtration systems critical for machine operation and plant safety.


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