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Customizing Cabinet Finishes Using Consistent Controls and Consumables

9. July 2020 12:03

Using color process controls, even custom cabinet doors can move through finishing profitably at Out of the Woods. 

Provided by Sherwin-Williams

Out of the Woods, a Layton, UT cabinet manufacturer, was founded on a strong commitment to exceptional service and high-quality products. It specializes in traditional, ornate and decorative pieces that transform kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms and entertainment rooms. 

Recognizing the opportunity to establish itself as a full solutions provider to its customers, Out of the Woods acquired a granite countertop business, which helped them further differentiate in the industry. The ability to purchase cabinet and countertop components in one place benefits the company’s customer base, which includes builders, contractors, homeowners, remodelers and restoration companies.

Its latest step in advancing its products and services was to adopt finishing chemistries and controls from an industry-leading coatings supplier that shares this core value.  

“When customers come to us, they’re looking for a better-quality product,” said Tim Bryant (right), Cabinet Operations Manager at Out of the Woods. “We have a good reputation in our community, which sets us apart from our competition and drives people into our shop.”

Out of the Woods receives raw lumber, mills it to a customer’s needs and then builds everything onsite, from drawer boxes to base frames. They manufacture and produce all of their products in-house with the help of woodworking specialists, and high-performance coatings from Sherwin-Williams.

“We take pride in our ability to do everything we can ourselves because we can control the quality, look and style of our cabinets from every aspect,” said Matt Peterson, Director of Operations at Out of the Woods.

Sherwin-Williams supplies all the paint, conversion varnishes, primers and stains for Out of the Woods, which has made a difference when it comes to product quality, color options and process efficiencies.

“Right now, our finishes are the best they’ve been since I started working here,” said Bryant. “Our finish knowledge has increased dramatically since we started working with Sherwin-Williams." Out of the Woods understands that in customer purchase decisions, while the quality of a cabinet is important, color is also a key factor. As part of the its customer service offering, their design specialists provide insight on what wood finishes will complement flooring or interior paint colors in a client’s home. 

Out of the Woods will also help customers narrow down color schemes if they are unsure where to start. “Color is an important part of the process because some customers come in with a specific vision of what they want,” said Mark Moeller (right), Director of Sales and Marketing at Out of the Woods. “If someone is adamant about a color, and you can’t match it, then they’ll keep looking until they find a company who can.”

Understanding that color options for the wood manufacturing business is critical, Sherwin-Williams sales representative, Jackson McNeil, set up Out of the Woods with the Sherwin-Williams Color Express™ system. Color Express delivers repeatable and accurate colors on demand with automated onsite dispensing, offering easy access to thousands of colors from the Sherwin-Williams Color Snap® fandeck. 

Color Express and the use of SHER-WOOD® HB Conversion Varnish allowed Out of the Woods to greatly expand their custom color offering with ease, while also helping them increase speed of production and elevate the quality of their products. “From an operations standpoint, it’s been fantastic,” said Peterson. “And with its coating consistency, Color Express also removes the uncertainty of batch-to-batch color matching.”

The company showcases its standard paint and stain colors in their showroom, and also provides access to the full Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap designer library for custom color selection at an upcharge. 

“Delivering a nearly endless selection of color options makes a big difference in getting a client’s business or not,” said Moeller. “If customers don’t find what they want in our standard colors, then they have the option to choose from the Color Express selection.”

Out of the Woods knows consumers are doing their research online before coming into their showroom to make a selection, which is why the company will be launching a new color visualizer tool this year. Sherwin-Williams Color Express™ Color Visualizer is an online inspiration tool that will showcase Out of the Woods’ full product portfolio and Sherwin-Williams color options. Consumers can choose from different cabinet styles and colors to envision how the products will look in their home.

With the Visualizer program, Out of the Woods will be able to integrate new features and capabilities in its showroom and on its website. The tool will also streamline the sales process by giving customers a better idea of what Out of the Woods cabinets would look like in their home.

The service Sherwin-Williams supplies to Out of the Woods does not stop at high-quality coatings and a wide variety of color options. McNeil and Sherwin-Williams technical service representative, Michael Smith, also help provide other equipment and supplies, including spray guns, sandpaper, booth filters, flatline filters and flatline paper to assist in the cabinet manufacturer’s application process.

In fact, the relationship between Sherwin-Williams and Out of the Woods stemmed from a partnership with an associated products vendor who helped supply Out of the Woods with paint booth equipment. From there, McNeil spoke to Out of the Woods about its product finishes, which led to Sherwin-Williams becoming the company’s sole coatings supplier.

When Out of the Woods experienced issues with its in-line spray system, Smith helped supply the company with new spray guns. The new equipment helped the cabinet manufacturer save product and increase efficiency for its stain application process. Instead of requiring two to three people to operate the stain spray booth, Out of the Woods only needs one person at most times.

“Both Smith and McNeil have been a huge help in increasing efficiencies with our in-line system and in our spray booth with our stains,” said Bryant. “They’ve contributed a lot in getting our finishing situation in the shape it is today, and we are grateful for that.”

Both Sherwin-Williams and Out of the Woods prioritize delivering dedicated customer service. That shared understanding strengthens the working relationship between the two companies. From coatings and colors to spray equipment and technology, Sherwin-Williams delivers a full range of services to support its cabinetry customer. As a result, Out of the Woods can turn around and offer its own customers an enhanced experience with high-performance finishes, nearly limitless color options and innovative technology.

“The service Sherwin-Williams gives us is a level of service we definitely didn’t have with our previous suppliers,” said Bryant. “They’ve been there when we need them, have helped us work through difficult situations and solve problems. For us, that goes a long way.”  https://ootwc.com/ 


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